Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Full Control user cannot edit web parts

Problem: A user with Full Control could not edit a Content Editor web part. She would click in the web part and she could not select or type anything as if it were locked. I verified that she had Full Control, not only at the document library but on the document itself (in this case it was a web part page)

Resolution: There are a couple of solutions for this, but the cause of the problem is a new setting in Sharepoint 2010 that allows us admins to restrict contributors from editing web parts. So you can do one of two things to fix this problem:
  1. Disable this setting I mention in Central Administration like this:
    - Go to Central Admin
    -select your web application that you want to make this change on (yes, this can only be done at the web application level which kind of sucks)
    -select 'Web Part Security'
    -scroll down to 'Scriptable Web Parts' and select 'Allows contributors to add or edit scriptable Web Parts'
    -click OK
  2. Or if you do not want to disable this setting, give the Full Control user 'Approve', 'Manage' and 'Designer' permissions, in ADDITION to 'Full Control'

You'll have to weight the lesser of two evils...receiving multiple phone calls about users not being able to edit web parts or receiving multiple calls about Contributors accidentally removing or modifying web parts that they should not be. I suggest a good training strategy for Contributor users before they are granted that right.


  1. Thank you! The second option really helped me out!

    I used it for our work wiki and had to give it unique permissions, which actually works in my favour.

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  3. I'm still having the problem despite the fact that I'm the Site Collection Administrator. And it only happens on the Home ASPX page, not in every other ASPX page (I'm on SP2010). Anyway, thanks for the post! Best regards.

    1. Yeah having the same issue- ftw. SharePoint is sometime so 'effed up that it defies gravity.